The Gaià Natural Park

This coastal area, included under the Plan for Areas of Natural Interest in Catalonia (PEIN), consists of the final segment of the Gaià River, a small river with a torrential flow. It spans a total of 5 hectares and contains both catchment areas and a sandy beach.

It is one of the few wetland areas still home to substantial coastal vegetation and bird life. The area was declared an official Wildlife Reserve in 1995 and is a crucial resting point for migratory birds on their way from Western Europe to Africa.

You could visit different villages, castles and churches in the neighbourly, without forgetting the beach, shopping, the sea promenade from Salou to Altafulla or the big tree of the Gaià river. The village of Vespella of Gaià, is frequented by artists from all the Spain.

The city of Tarragona is 12 miles from there.